Our​ Mission & Values:


Hoofs for Healing is dedicated to enriching the life and health of every individual with which we  connect.

Our Director:

Karrie Griffin Henry, the 2013 founder of Hoofs 4 Healing Equestrial Services, Inc. is a 5th generation horseback rider.  Horses have been a part of her family history since before she was born, makign the old saying "It's in your blood", run true for Mrs. Henry.  Karrie received her first pony as a gift from her great granfather when she was 3.  As a child, Karrie remembers riding her Welsh pony, Lady, alongside her mother down the dirt roads in Savannah.

Volunteer with us:


Therapeutic Horseback riding?

​Equine Assisted Activities Therapies?

What We Offer:

What in the world is:

We use the unique personality, movement, and power of the horse to effect lives physically & mentally.

Come bond with our horses, clients and staff.  We guarantee giving your time will give back an awesome experience.

As of October 1, we will be getting started.  Our new facility requires some maintenance and repairs before we can become a real home for our services.  If you can lend us time or equipment, let us know!  If you can donate items or funding, let us know!  Do you have a youth group or service organization that needs a project?  Have we got one for you!   We need EVERYONE and EVERYTHING COUNTS!  

How to Help:

2014 Fall Session Starts September 15, New Client Registration Forms Due Sept 1.