Who we are


The director AND STAFF AT Hoofs 4 Healing Equine Services, Inc. ARE UNITED IN THEIR BELIEF THAT ALL people can benefit from the power of horses as well as equine assisted activities and therapy.

​From inner city children to Veterans; from active military personnel to those left here at home; from volunteers to those with physical and special needs, cognitive or emotional disabilities; Hoofs 4 Healing can offer each individual something special through equine  assisted activities and education.  We use the unique personality, movement and power of the horse along with professional, certified PATH Intl. instructors and standards to create a bond between person and horse that enriches lives both physically and mentally.  We provide equine assisted activities and therapies in a manner that challenges individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential.  We strive to provide a safe environment for all, to encourage diversity in all aspects of our program, and to recognize that our volunteers are our most important resources.


The 2013 founder of Hoofs 4 Healing Equestrian Service, INC., is a fifth generation horseback rider. Horses have been a part of her family history since before she was born, making the old saying "It's in your blood." run true for Mrs. Henry. In 1999, Karrie's nephew, who has cerebral palsy, became one of Judy Clark's first riders to enter Horsin' Around. Karrie, believing in the benefits of the horse, was there to help her nephew begin riding. She continued to volunteer with Horsin' Around as time permitted after her first experience. In 2007, Karrie Henry became certified as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor through the North American Riding for Handicapped Association (NARHA) which is now called the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH Intl.).  She dedicated her time and skills at Horsin' Around working with special needs children, active military, and veterans from the local area.  In 2011, Karrie became the Director of Operations at Horsin' Around and moved onto the farm, caring for the horses and running the daily operations of the program. Eventually Karrie decided to develop her own program, utilizing the horses to their highest capacity to bring her passion for helping others to life in the safe and structured manner that PATH Intl. provides.