​Also known as therapeutic horseback riding, EAAT, is the use of horses in order to achieve goals that positively address physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and behavioral disorders.  The certified instructor is in charge of teaching horseback riding skills designed for people who have special needs or disabilities such as Autism Spectrum, ADD, ADHD, spina bifida, downs syndrome, muscular dystrophy and learning disabilities. We at Hoofs 4 Healing not only focus on the therapeutic riding skills but also the development of a relationship between horse and rider.  EAAT riders have a horse leader and two side walkers that assist the individual until they are ready to ride independently.  We use a team approach in order to provide treatment for the individual with the guidance of a certified PATH Intl. riding instructor.  While riding the horses, the client can often find the movement of the horse relaxing.  The horse's adjustable gait promotes riders to constantly focus on one or two stage directions.  While learning a riding skill, the horse motion promotes strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and confidence in the rider.  However, one does not have to ride to achieve the desired effects of therapy.  Horses can act as an aid by giving those with disabilities a companion to care for.  Grooming, which includes such things as brushing, bathing and currying, aids in joint range of motion and has a relaxing and calming effect that will continue into the clients' everyday lives.